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Professional Dog Show Trolley

Professional Dog Show Trolley

Dog Show Trolley - for the professional dog exhibitor. Our Petite Dog... 

Play Pens

Play Pens

Quality build playpens.  A safe place for young animals.  Solid verticle bars... 

  • Ultra Canine Food

    Made fresh in New Zealand using NZ products including NZ Salmon. With no preservatives or additives, less fillers, this food is a premium products that will maintain and satisfy your dog.

    Personally we have had no skin issues and all round better condition with our dogs.

  • Dog Show Trolleys

    Quality build to transport young pups to the vets (not vaccinated), dogs to the show ring. Or recovering dogs around the home. This multi use trolley is stylish, practical and an investment.

  • Play Pens

    Quality build. Verticle bars prevent escaping pets and prevents pets injuring themselves catching limbs on traditional horizontal bars.

    A great space for young pets to play and rest, and for recovering pets.